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TradeVisionFX a new and simplified way to trade


TradeVisionFX EA

Although its an EA it does not automatically take trades for you. We had to design it as an EA due the sophication of the application as well as its ability to communicate with our math and logic remote server.

TradeVisionExecute Script

The Script integrates with the TradeVisionFX EA..When a trade entry has developed and you drop the script on the chart you are prompted choose Target 1 or Target 2 or no Targets and what percent of Risk you want or a fixed lot size.

Upcoming Trade Notification

PreTrade notifications are generated by having a reduced trade threshold for each strategy. Once the threshold has been met, the system generates a box on the chart, an optional alert and an optional push notification to a smartphone or Tablet..

TradeVisionFX Momenteum indication Arrow and colors give you a simplifed method to manage your trades at a glance.

TradevisionFX is designed to be expanded. We are constantly developing and testing new trade strategies. If a strategy improves proformance, we provide you an update as part of the subscription.



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